Realising Potential

Our aim is to deliver a long-lasting experience of dynamic creativity. The benefits are – the acquiring of new skills; imaginative problem solving; increased self-esteem; teamwork; new experience, fresh perspectives and magnificent events.

The artistic results are authentic because they are participant led and high quality because they are artist guided.

We work in tandem with university departments, councils, schools, art centres, festivals, voluntary organisations, other artists and play organisations.

Our collective experience and in-house collaborative training enables us to develop participatory arts events that are purpose-built for the organisations and groups that we work with.

We believe that Workshop is an arts practice in its own right – a 21st century form with unrealised potential for experiential learning, collective creativity and individual transformation. We are dedicated to liberating and expanding the imagination to create the unexpected and exceed expectations.

We create:

  • Professional development programmes and networking events for artists.
  • Creative exploratory environments for learning
  • Aspirational events for young people
  • Creative play journeys
  • Themed school art weeks
  • Creative retreats
  • Interactive conferences
  • Instant museums, processions and palaces of possibilities

Our work - part 1

Our work - part 2