Environments for Learning

Our laboratories of imagination are environments in which participants can explore, research and discover around a specific theme.

Our most recent project involved events over a year with 36 young people who looked at how they learnt.

The project culminated in these participants running a training day for all 100 teaching staff in their learning community, called ‘In Our Shoes’.

Workshopping with childrenMoveable Feast has run many such projects. These range from 1-day events to longer programmes. A 1-day event might be for a small focus group or involve more than 100 participants. The theme for the day would be identified by consultation with the commissioning organisation and the interested individuals/groups within the organisation.

Then, from our artist team, we would identify a suitable lead artist /project manager and team using diverse art forms. The team would plan, devise and liase with the organisation to construct an environment which optimises the opportunity for the participants to explore the matter at hand.

This might be how the participants learn or what stops them learning or perhaps looking at a more specific problem such as creating a learning or working environment for the future.

Some examples of our work include:

  • A Laboratory of Imagination run in partnership with REM State Ltd in The Grand Ballroom, Weston-super-Mare. Children from 4 schools and a number of adults looked at how the brain works, by exploring their own learning through different creative media.
  • They took photos, danced, made puppets, wove, created theatre, told stories and ended up by creating a 120ft long book of all that they had learnt across the day. The children came from diverse schools backgrounds: a community college, an urban and a rural primary school and a special school with a high proportion of students on the autistic spectrum.
  • Over 2 days the company ran a similar sized gathering in partnership with the gifted and talented Hub, at University of Plymouth. This event happened at the Taachi Morris Art Centre in Taunton over 2 days. 100 students ranging from 8 to 15 years old explored questions that they brought with them about how the imagination works. They then created a spectacular event that presented their learning in an imagin-ative style to a large invited audience.
  • The Forest of Discovery involved over 300 children from a single primary school ranging from nursery through to Year 6. Each child made their own Tree of Learning which supported its own ecosystem of discovery represented by creative products made by the participants. The trees then became groves, each with their own distinctive identity. At the end of the week a forest of discovery had grown from nothing in the Foxhole Theatre, on the Dartington Estate in Devon.

The ingredients of a Moveable Feast laboratory are:

  1. Consultation
  2. Partnership
  3. A dedicated artists team
  4. Project management
  5. Imaginative environment that invites exploration
  6. Guided creative process and investigation
  7. Quality and unexpected artistic production